​While the Lakers clearly have some sorting out to do, that isn't going to stop ​LeBron James from  spreading his wealth and kindness to groups of people. 

In this case, the ​Ohio State Buckeyes were gifted some pretty cool cleats from James for the team to wear in their next game against Nebraska. 

​​If the Buckeyes don't win this game, LBJ should take these kicks back after making a cleat like this subject to defeat. 

It's not often that an NBA legend specifically gives out some flashy cleats like these, which means that they need to make the most out of their opportunity. Everything is on the line for the team's promoted "Blackout" game on Saturday. 

Having an all black uniform in sports is probably one of the most intimidating sites to see on a field or a court. Paired with the red Nike logo on these cleats, the Buckeyes should have every Cornhusker shaking in fear when they storm out of the tunnel. 

​​It's amazing that James not only makes his own team better with his talent, yet he also might've found a way to make a team from another sport more dangerous as well. 

Nebraska will need a healthy dose of good luck, as it may be the only way they come out of this game alive.