​It happened. The thing the New York Yankees and their fans feared actually happened. The Boston Red Sox are 2018 World Series champions after a historic season.

That right there should be enough ​motivation for the Yankees this winter to be active spenders, but whether their arch rival won it all or not, it's time for New York to be the Evil Empire once again and spend like they've never spent before.

What general manager Brian Cashman has done in terms of a quick rebuild while the team was still competitive is amazing. Now that they have a young core (Aaron Judge, Gleyber Torres, Miguel Andujar and Luis Severino) in place, it's time to go for broke and spend at all costs, which means money and prospects.

They have deeper pockets than any organization, so they can't make excuses. It's obvious they need to address the starting rotation, whether it's in free agency for a Patrick Corbin or in trade for a Jacob deGrom-type, the Yankees need to pull the trigger.

Oh, shortstop Didi Gregorius is out? Replace him in a big way with Manny Machado or if they are tired of his antics, what about All-Star second baseman ​Scooter Gennett through trade?

You can give rookie manager Aaron Boone a bit of a pass. This team showed flashes and won 100 games in the regular season. That's not nothing. However, the Yankees will have even more pressure in 2019, and it's the front office's job to give Boone the weapons needed to get over the top.

We are 150 days away from Opening Day. Time to start picking up the phones. Time it ticking.