​The MLB postseason is usually a time for upcoming free agents to raise their stocks. 

However, Manny Machado may have significantly lowered his value due to his controversial ​comments and ​play during the postseason.

And the Yankees have taken notice.

​​One team that was considered to be high on the Machado sweepstakes, the New York Yankees, don't seem to be quite as interested in the shortstop now as they were prior to the NLCS.

​​Based on Jon Heyman's comments regarding Machado's current price estimate, it seems other teams share the Yankees' feelings on Machado. Not many teams would be willing to offer a mega-contract to a player who boasts about his lack of hustle and has been caught ​multiple times trying to injure an opposing player. And that's just the past few weeks.

While there was once mutual interest between the Yankees and Machado, it's now becoming slightly more difficult to imagine him in pinstripes. You at least have to squint to see the connection in the immediate aftermath.

Unless he changes his attitude soon, Machado may have cost himself a lot of money in free agency.