UPDATE: The Browns have since named Gregg Williams the interim head coach to take over for the fired Hue Jackson. 

The move fans have all been waiting for?

With the Cleveland Browns deciding to ​move on from Hue Jackson on Monday, they have named Al Saunders as the interim head coach.​

​​Saunders has a long history of working in Jackson's offense, as he was the offensive coordinator and quarterback's coach under Jackson with the 2011 Oakland Raiders. 

In that same season while commandeering the offense, the Raiders ranked in the top 11 for both rushing and passing. Consider the fact that they were able to accomplish this with a combination of Jason Campbell and an aging Carson Palmer, while featuring a duo of Michael Bush and Darren McFadden out of the backfield. Yeah, impressive. 

Fans seem to already be embracing the decision to promote Saunders to head coach, however it may just be a collective sigh of relief that the ​Jackson era is finally over.

At age 71, Saunders is now easily the oldest head coach in the league, so this definitely is not the long-term answer for Cleveland. Some names are already being floated around, including Oklahoma Sooners head man Lincoln Riley. He does have history with QB Baker Mayfield after all. 

For now, though, it'll be Saunders' show in Cleveland.