​Boston Red Sox fans have all the fuel in the world at this point. They were the best regular season team, defeated the New York Yankees in the playoffs, and won the World Series after dominating the competition. ​And now they have a gold exchange between Alex Rodriguez and Jason Varitek on video where the former Red Sox catcher clearly big boi'ed A-Rod.

​​Wow, that's just the worst. Terrible handshake, clear distaste, nothing genuine. It's like seeing some goon at a frat party you're forced to say hi to because he knows your friends, but you 100 percent hate his guts and would rather dump a beer on his head and flip him into a trash can.

It is pretty insane that these two clearly still dislike each other after an incident that occurred 14 years ago, but I guess that's just the nature of the ​Yankees-Red Sox rivalry. And considering Varitek works as a special assistant to Dave Dombrowski, it's clear the rivalry is alive and well in his mind.