How did this possibly come out of anyone's mouth at any level of football? Baffling.

Hue Jackson has managed to win just three games with the Cleveland Browns since taking over as head coach back ​in 2016. It's clear that he just isn't capable of being an NFL head coach, taking a solid talent-level squad and running it repeatedly into the ground. 

And if his record doesn't back that up, then take a look at what he said after another embarrassing loss Sunday to the Steelers.

Sean McVay remembers everything that's ever happened. Hue Jackson sits on the sidelines dreaming of his next sandwich.

Whether or not Jackson should have used timeouts pales in comparison to him not being able to even remember the situation. He further added that the reason he didn't want to go into detail about the situation was because he didn't want to say the wrong thing. 

This is a total copout by Jackson and just a poor excuse all around. Just ask Rams head coach ​Sean McVay.

It's videos like this that depict the gap in football IQ between Jackson and McVay. 

Hue Jackson has done nothing to help Cleveland since he's taken over the team and should join Tyronn Lue as the next Cleveland coach to lose his job.