​Well, you knew it would come sooner or later, and you knew that he'd have something to say about it.

Earlier today, the 0-6 Cavaliers ​fired head coach Tyronn Lue, who was famously given the position of head coach at the request of former superstar LeBron James.

It didn't take long after the news broke for LeBron to comment publicly on the Cavs' decision, as he paid tribute to Lue on social media, thanking him for the good work the two did for the Cavs in pursuit of their lone championship.​​

​​The last line of that tweet raises some eyebrows: "u know how to find me."

Lue and LeBron's friendship is well-documented, and Lue does have a history with LeBron's current team, as he played for the Lakers during his pro career, most famously against Allen Iverson in the 2002 Finals.

If the Lakers take a while to get off the ground and ​Luke Walton's seat becomes hot, could a Lue-LeBron reunion in L.A. be in order? Don't count it out.