The New York Mets have been on the unofficial hunt for a new general manager since Sandy Alderson stepped away from the job due to his health issues. That was way back in June. Fast forward to this week and the search was down to two candidates: Tampa Bay Rays executive Chaim Bloom and player agent Brodie Van Wagenen. 

The Mets made their decision on Saturday and agreed to terms with Van Wagenen.

In typical Mets fashion, the move is a bit questionable. Van Wagenen is a player agent who currently represents six Mets players who will probably be on the roster next season. Can anyone say conflict of interest?

Besides questions of whether or not Van Wagenen is qualified to serve as a general manager, some are also commenting on how the former agent could use the confidential information he gained as an agent in his new job. These are valid questions being raised.

It wouldn't come as a complete shock if the MLB stepped in before this appointment became official. 

Just the Mets doing Mets things here, folks.