The Los Angeles Dodgers cannot afford to lose to the Red Sox tonight. Only one team has ever come back from down 3-0 in the history of baseball, so we know how important this game is. The Dodgers were holding on to a one-run lead thanks to some heroics from Joc Pederson but you know they want some insurance. Apparently that message didn't get across, as Manny Machado decided to showboat a home run which turned into a long single. 

How can you let that happen on this stage? It's inexcusable. 

Machado has had some big moments in this series but this one is pretty awful. It doesn't matter how hard you thought you hit the ball, run to first base like it means something! It's the damn World Series!

The play didn't really matter as Machado never had a real chance to score, but it just shows his mind isn't in the right spot.