​New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is known for ​his rather grumpy behavior during press conferences. Usually his answers are short and sweet, sometimes not exceeding 10 words. 

However, there was a change on Friday. Belichick was asked about punt coverage in preparation for Monday night's matchup against the Buffalo Bills. The answer wasn't short. No, it was over 1,200 words.

Here is the transcription of Belichick's answer.

​​It seemed as though we could never get an inside look at the football mind that Belichick possesses, as he is a very closed-in person. However, he does have​ a passion for game prep, especially on special teams.

In fact, other members of the media are aware of his passion for punting, as he had a similar in-depth discussion about the topic. Last year, it was over 600 words and he nearly doubled it this Friday.

​​It is truly remarkable that Belichick was able to provide such a spirited explanation to a topic many NFL fans overshadow considering the main focus is set on the offense and defense.

Now you know, if you're ever on a Patriots media call and want to get Belichick to talk, just ask a question about special teams.