​Halloween is less than a week away and everyone is getting in on "spooky season." Even in sports, you should expect to see a plethora of costumes in the stands on every game broadcast. The Ohio State Buckeyes are jumping in on the festivities, as they released a hype video for next Saturday's "Blackout" game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The clip shows a Buckeyes player running through a cornfield, while also setting off red smoke grenades, while showcasing ​their all-black uniforms.

​​It's like straight out of a horror movie. A mysterious figure running through a cornfield usually spells doom for whoever's standing in their path. 

In this case, it's the Cornhuskers, who just notched their first victory of the season under new head coach Scott Frost this past weekend against Minnesota. However, they have the unenviable task of facing a reeling Ohio State team that is looking for vengeance,​ after being manhandled by the Purdue Boilermakers last weekend.

Ohio State is looking to invade the cornfields and make next Saturday's game a true horror show. But, not if Nebraska has anything to say about it.