​In case you were wondering why ​Curt Schilling wasn't on the field with select 2004 Sox teammates before Game 2 of the World Series -- which absolutely no one was doing, like, five minutes after the initial burst of indignation -- ​Schill was quick to clear it up with a massive Facebook post addressing the controversy.

Schilling makes it clear that yes, he did experience a break from the team (and it must've been within the past year, as he appeared on the field to celebrate the 2007 World Championship just last summer). And while he was a bit hurt by his exclusion, he also does quite a bit of unnecessary character defense.

​​For those less informed about Schilling's transgressions, this isn't "politics getting in the way of sports"; the man advocated for lynching journalists and defrauded the state of Rhode Island. Those things are decidedly not merely a difference of opinion.

If the front office argued with him and decided to get rid of him, that's their prerogative. If they had decided to stay the best of friends, that's also...ok, we guess! But they didn't. They judged him for a series of judge-worthy things, then decided they'd rather Schilling not smudge the World Series.

​Well, mission not accomplished.