​Other than both being NFL defensive backs, Josh Norman and Eric Reid have something else crucial in common: they are not afraid to speak out. Washington's Norman recently spoke with NBC's JP Finlay about Reid's recent critical comments towards Malcom Jenkins of the Eagles. Norman called Reid's statement a "slap in the face":

Reid has been on a bit of a rampage since being signed by the Panthers. He called out Jenkins for "selling out" the Players Coalition, alleging that he was using the African-American activism movement as a source financial gain. Reid left the coalition after Jenkins signed a $90 million deal with the NFL on the coalition's behalf that would contribute to the group's causes.​ Colin Kaepernick also agrees, it seems.

​As Norman told NBC, "To hear Eric come out and do what he did, it's almost like, wow, that was a slap in the face because Malcolm has been nothing but stand-up in the Players Coalition,"

There are multiple ways to go about progress. It does not seem as if Jenkins' intention was to make money for himself, but to make money in order to push his motives. That might be selling out and it might be a bit contradicting, but it's a smart move.