​And listen to the collective sigh from all baseball fans.

There isn't an offseason that doesn't involve the Yankees and superstar free agents. The team has never really had an issue with money, nor with interest from top talent on the market. Well, that trend will continue after the World Series wraps up. A new report maintains that the Bronx Bombers are the most likely candidates to land Dodgers star Manny Machado in free agency.

The slick Los Angeles infielder and general offensive powerhouse is looking for a colossal payday at the age of 26. He will be coming off of a great season, and is young enough to garner attention from just about every team. The Yankees are under the luxury tax and want all the best talent they can get, so why not?

The Yanks would likely have to shell out at least $300 million to get a deal done, however. Whew.

Honestly, I believe they are better off to go with ​Bryce Harper if, of course, he wants to play in the Big Apple. While ​Machado fits with the team's needs, Harper does too, if not more so. They could use a left-hander. 

And he's also less of a jerk, obviously.

Either way, the Yankees will be making some type of blockbuster this offseason. It's simply their nature.