​After two months of investigations conducted by the University of Maryland on its football team, the conclusion determined that the program is "not toxic."

The details of the investigation were shown in a 200-page report. The university board received the report before discussing the actions to be taken, which many think will include the firing of head coach ​D.J. Durkin and athletic director Damon Evans.

The investigation was sparked by the death of ​Jordan McNair, who was an offensive lineman for the team. McNair died of heatstroke during a workout while showing signs of extreme exhaustion, causing many to worry about the culture and welfare of the team and program.

​​According to the extensive report, the Terrapins don't have a toxic culture, but instead instilled one of a fear.

​​However, the details of the report beg to differ with a nontoxic culture. The report states that ​coaches would use homophobic slurs and conduct various acts in order to humiliate players.

Why this isn't considered toxic is perplexing. Perhaps the university just wants to avoid that label.

​​Hopefully this investigation will cause the football program to take a deep look at itself and change for the better.