Darius Miles may be considered a bust, but he's something much worse these days- broke. The former forward filed for bankruptcy last year and got to the point where he was selling his toaster for cash. There's broke and then there's Darius Miles broke. 

You can all wonder how that possibly came to be, but the man himself decided to open up on that and even more with the Players Tribune. 

Miles admitted bad investment deals cost him to lose his $63 million career earnings in the NBA.

It's a shame how often people hear this story. 

Miles told the Players Tribune he lost over $100,000 in a real estate deal and another deal that has had multiple lawsuits which also involved Marshall Faulk. He also has $20,000 in child support due, which is a big hit. All of this forced  Miles to sell all of his memorabilia  which is a basketball fan's dream. 

Athletes have heard it a billion times. These bad deals are bad, but the senseless spending that comes with it is even worse. Don't reward yourself with a big car or diamonds for being scammed.