​Joel Embiid had one of the ​weakest flops of all-time in the matchup between the 76ers and the Pistons, and it resulted in the ejection of Andre Drummond. 

In fact, Embiid's flop was such a blatantly weak move, that the NBA has issued their first flopping warning in over 45 years.

​​We're happy to see the NBA warn its players over terrible flops, but can we also point them in the direction of a certain bearded MVP? We'd love to see more warnings for these disgraceful actions. 

Of course, Embiid was taunting ​Drummond as soon as the flop occurred, and The Process was certainly happy to see his opponent get tossed from the game. But can you imagine if someone flopped like that against Embiid? He would be losing it. 

​​Drummond absolutely deserves to have his tech rescinded, and we're glad that's the case. While it's good to see the ​NBA take action to prevent these flops, we hope to see some consistency with these warnings. 

In the last 45 years of the NBA, we can think of plenty of cases where warnings should have been issued. Let's hope the NBA will continue to take the initiative against egregious flopping.