​While many Steelers fans are still calling for head coach Mike Tomlin's job, hearing what he said regarding running back James Conner should definitely infuriate many people who wave their Terrible Towels on Sundays. 

When talking with Cleveland-area reporters, Tomlin said he was "marginally pleased" with what Conner has provided for the Steelers offense during the ongoing absence of ​Le'Veon Bell

​​Marginally?! Please. Would you rather have Stevan Ridley handling the bulk of the reps at running back?

It doesn't make much sense for Tomlin to go this low when talking about Conner's play so far, so the assumption here ought to be that Tomlin was being tounge-in-cheek. He's made some ​jaw-dropping plays, and his presence as a runner and a receiver have helped Pittsburgh barely miss a beat without their All-Pro back.

​​Since Bell still hasn't arrived to Pittsburgh's facilities, Conner will continue to have his expanded role for their offense this season. 

Although we might not know what to expect from the Steelers for the rest of the year, we do know that Tomlin isn't handing out compliments easily.