​In the ever-growing ​corruption scandal in ​college basketball, wherein top recruits were being given extra incentives like cash or housing to attend a certain school, a verdict has finally been reached in the trial of former Adidas executives Jim Gatto, Merl Code, and Christian Dawkins.

All three of them were found guilty on all charges. Gatto was found guilty on three counts of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud, while Code and Dawkins were found guilty on two counts each. 

​​The defense hinged on two key points. First, they put forth the notion that they were helping the universities by giving them top talent. Second, since there was no federal law saying that one can't give money to a student athlete, they broke NCAA rules but not a federal statute. 

​​Corruption in college sports, unfortunately, isn't going anywhere. Many thought the SMU football scandal of the mid-80's would curb these antics. If anything, it's gotten worse. Still, this was a major win for the legal system and for purging visible corruption within the NCAA.