​SEC favoritism is rampant in ​college football. This often manifests not just in believing that the conference is deeper and produces more pro players, but in the idea that the second best team in the SEC is miles better than the best team from another conference.

ESPN's playoff predictor seems to be carrying some water for the SEC, claiming that a second SEC team is more likely to make the playoff than the Big 12 or Pac 12 champion. 

Vegas appears to be in cahoots with them, as they place Georgia on the same plane as Michigan and ​LSU ahead of ​Texas and West Virginia. 

​​The Pac-12's down year means it will be hard to see them getting a playoff team unless Washington State runs the table, but the Big 12 features one-loss teams in WVU, Oklahoma and Texas. ​​

The best non-Bama teams, Georgia and LSU, face significant road blocks. Georgia has No. 9 Florida at a neutral site this week, as well as a likely matchup with Alabama in the SEC title game. LSU still has Alabama and Texas A&M left on the schedule. 

If (when) Alabama runs the table, LSU will have two losses and Georgia could have three. That isn't better than a one-loss Big 12 team. Full stop.