​All of the talk surrounding the NFL this week hasn't been about the upcoming games for Week 8. 

You'll forgive us if we're focused on the impending trade deadline. 

Moves have already been made to help teams in need, such as ​Amari Cooper's pilgrimage to the Dallas Cowboys and ​Damon Harrison's bold move to the Detroit Lions. And with teams such as the NYG and Denver Broncos keeping tabs on Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert and his brethren, there's plenty more work to be done over the course of the next week.

If any rebuilding team believes their window remains somewhat open, though, there is a bridge option for them for the remainder of the season and beyond that isn't really being discussed.

Ever considered Indianapolis Colts backup quarterback Jacoby Brissett?

​​Brissett is still on his rookie contract, and as mentioned by Ian Kenyon of Bleacher Report, he is owed just $900K for next season, before he hits free agency.

The North Carolina State alum has a strong arm and possesses mobility to escape oncoming pressure. If a team were to take a quarterback such as Herbert, Drew Lock, or Ryan Finley, they can use Brissett as a bridge quarterback in order to prevent feeding the rookie to the proverbial wolves right away.

If a team were to go through with that plan and Brissett were to shine, they could use him as trade bait and receive draft capital next year. Sit the rookie to let him be groomed, and cash in on draft compensation for Brissett.

If this season showed us anything, it's that Andrew Luck's shoulder is completely fine and there are no signs of rust in his game. Th​e Colts were not keen on the idea of trading Brissett before the season, but now with Luck proving he's healthy, it's time to cash in while the trade market is hot.

And for rebuilding teams that are looking for their next great, young quarterback, consider throwing out a flyer for Brissett, as he can turn into a valuable asset.