​The Hot Stove season is around the corner for Major League Baseball, and the biggest fish available for the taking is perennial All-Star outfielder ​Bryce Harper.

You can have whatever opinion you want on Harper, but the bottom line is he's a really good player and only 26 years old. His 2018 campaign wasn't his best overall, but the power and plate discipline were still there. It's inevitable that he'll receive a monster deal this winter.

It's already been ​reported that the bidding for Harper will start at 10 years and $350 million. That's an astronomical price tag, sure, but the deep-pocketed Chicago Cubs shouldn't be deterred from pursuing the for former NL MVP.

You can make the argument that the Cubs have other needs, whether it be in the rotation or the bullpen, and they don't have the financial flexibility to make such an offer, but you should never count Theo Esptein out.

First off, it's likely that any deal Harper signs will have an opt-out or two in it, and most likely after the first two to three years. So while it might be a 10-year deal, most likely he won't stay for the duration, preferring instead to re-enter the market for one last contract before the end of his prime years.

Secondly, the Cubs seem willing to go over the luxury tax, at least in the short term. They'd obviously have to do that if they want Harper, and it shouldn't slow their roll one bit.

Harper is a generational talent, and it's not like the Cubs don't need a shot in the arm offensively. They have the cash with all the revenue they are raking in, and at some point, especially with this talented core, they have to once again put their money where their mouth is.

It's about winning championships for the Cubs right now, and whether fans want to realize it or not, windows to win it all are short-lived. Capitalize on this moment and don't be afraid of the price tag for Harper.