​Stupid posts on the internet, no matter how old, always seem to come back to haunt you. Like Milwaukee Brewers pitcher ​Josh Hader, Washington Nationals shortstop ​Trea Turner and Atlanta Braves pitcher ​Sean Newcomb, Boston Sports Journal writer Mike Loyko is in hot water after some old racist and homophobic tweets resurfaced.

​​In response to the outrage expressed at his old tweets, Loyko has locked his Twitter account. Considering the severity of the racism and homophobia here, it's surprising that neither Loyko nor the Boston Sports Journal has released any comment or even an apology.

One tweet is directed at then-Montreal Canadiens star defenseman PK Subban, whose team was facing the Boston Bruins during the Stanley Cup Playoffs at the time. He refers to Subban using an abhorrent racial slur and insists that he should be lynched.

Loyko covers the New England Patriots for the Boston Sports Journal. Whether or not his tenure there will continue after this controversy remains to be seen. One thing's for sure, though: he owes a whole lot of people, especially PK Subban, former NHL players Alex Burrows and Shawn Thornton and French Canadians in general a massive apology.