​It's no secret at this point that the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals are facing a crossroads with Le'Veon Bell and ​Patrick Peterson. Peterson is begging for an unpopular trade, and Bell simply won't show up, throwing his future in Pittsburgh into a blender.

However, according to NFL insider Adam Schefter, neither bold move is likely to go down by the deadline. In fact, Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy is more likely to be traded within the next week. 

​​The Bills have been ​receiving inquiries regarding McCoy from other teams, and there's no doubt Buffalo will be looking to sell some of their more talented and desirable players as they look to rebuild. 

However, some of the bigger issues that may make teams hesitant to go after McCoy are the controversy surrounding him ​allegedly physically abusing his ex-girlfriend, as well as his current injury status. 

It's worth noting that while the Steelers have expressed a desire to settle the Bell situation due to the distractions his holdout has been causing, and Peterson has requested to be traded, the Bills haven't really committed to the idea of trading McCoy. This makes Schefter's report all the more surprising, possibly indicating that the Steelers and Cardinals are asking for much more in potential trades than the Bills.