​In the age of ridiculous MLB contracts, it's no surprise that Bryce Harper and his representation will being asking for an absurd amount of money, but this much? 

It looks like all of the older absurd reports continue to hold true. The young slugger is going to get PAID, according to the latest buzz.

​​Bidding over Harper "will start at 10 years and $350 million," a sum that is hardly fitting based on how he has been playing. Harper is a great player, but a 10-year deal for a guy who has failed to hit .250 two of the past three seasons is ridiculous. When you combine this lack of elite play with Harper's ​history of character concerns, it becomes clear that he not is deserving of a deal even close to this size.

Despite the ridiculousness of these upcoming negotiations, many ​teams' fanbases are still swooning over the idea of signing Harper. Why waste $350+ million and 10 years on a guy who has been inconsistent at best? The answer is simple: You shouldn't.