As fast as the Boston Red Sox got Chris Sale a lead during Game 1 of the World Series, he squandered it away. He may have gotten out of the first inning unscathed, but that surely didn't last long. The Dodgers officially have Sale's number tonight as they rattled off three straight hits, including this single from Manny Machado to tie it up. 

So much for the possible pitcher's duel that looked like it was on the horizon.

First, it was Matt Kemp who cut into this lead with a moonshot over the green monster. Machado kept things going the following inning, driving Justin Turner in. Kemp's was more of a surprise considering it was his first postseason RBI since 2014. Machado's could've been assumed as he's owned Sale over the years. 

Without that lead, the Red Sox are going to have to give Sale more runs. He and Kershaw don't have it like they usually do, so it'll be up to the bats to decide who wins Game 1.