This NBA season is young, but that doesn't mean posters don't last a lifetime. Blake Griffin thought he had an opportunity for his first of the year when the Pistons played the Nets, but Jarrett Allen stuffed him at the rim to make sure that didn't happen. For those who thought Griffin may not have what it takes to body people at the hoop anymore, he reminded everyone what he was capable of at the expense of Joel Embiid. 

That wasn't like the last time someone "allegedly" dunked over Embiid. That one will definitely humble The Process at the hoop. 

Griffin's ability to make someone do the walk of shame back up the court is what makes Twitter explode, but the Pistons don't care how his scoring happens. As long as he can carry this team against Eastern Conference contenders then Detroit always has a shot of winning. 

​​To think, Griffin is going off and the Sixers are still somehow trying to peel Embiid's body off the hardwood.