​The Los Angeles Lakers are 0-3 but they were in each game until the very end, not to mention each team (Rockets, Trail Blazers, and Spurs) were each in the playoffs last year. BUT, these are games the new-look Lakers must win if they hope to make the playoffs this year. 

​These are also games the new-look Lakers must win if Luke Walton is expected to keep is job. In fact, the rough start has oddsmakers predicting that the Lakers head coach will be the first to be fired this year. 

​​The odds were: ​Luke Walton 7/4, Tom Thibodeau 2/1, Fred Hoiberg 5/1, Billy Donovan 15/2, and Scott Brooks 10/1.

It's encouraging that they were competitive against three playoff teams but given how much pressure is on this Lakers team to win now that they have LeBron, this is going to be a topic all season long in the ​NBA

You think Luke is feeling the pressure? Take a look at how heated he was in the postgame press conference last night.

Oh, he's feeling it alright. But let's see where ​the Lakers stand a month from now.