​​Consider me team Rondo.

The long-running beef between two of the toughest guards in the NBA dates back to 2008, when Paul beat out the then-Celtics star for a roster spot on the U.S. Olympic team. Since then, these two have frequently crossed paths, and it came to a head last Saturday night when Rondo--now of LA--​allegedly spit at CP3 during a scuffle. This resulted in an all-out brawl, and eventual (weak) suspensions.

But don't let Rondo's actions distract you from the fact that Chris Paul is the fakest athlete in the NBA, largely stemming from his role as head of the Players' Association. 

CP3 has always been a bad teammate, specifically once he left New Orleans. Paul had a petty relationship with Doc Rivers, even reportedly becoming upset due to his coach's relationship with his son Austin, who was CP3's backup for years in LA. Eventually this drama boiled over, leading to Paul's exit and the end to a disappointing tenure as a Clipper.

Hell, just last season Paul repaid the Clippers for seasons of good faith by participating in an attempted mutiny of the opposing locker room. Seems like a stand-up guy, right?

Even Paul's former teammates don't like him.

The walking State Farm ad has built one persona in pop culture; fun-loving, unselfish and a student of the game. But on the court he's anything but, demanding the ball be in his hands and frequently coming up short in the playoffs, never shouldering the blame of that letdown. The Clippers failures should've been solely on him, but instead was too often placed on Rivers, Blake Griffin, or the culture of a franchise that's never won a damn thing.

Guess what? Neither has Paul. And as he reinvents himself in Houston sharing the ball-handling duties with James Harden, it should be noted that CP3 has, and always will be, a tenacious player who demands far too much from his teammates only to shrink when the light shines on him.

Seems like every teammate's in agreement here.

Paul is a tremendous talent, and Rondo is no saint. But CP3's gotten away with mistreating the talent around him for far too long now. And as a proponent of their rights and head negotiator of the next CBA, Paul's been a hypocrite for quite some time now.

It shouldn't have taken this long to call him out.