​Jon Gruden ​finally did something at the helm of the Oakland Raiders that wasn't completely boneheaded, offloading wide receiver Amari Cooper to the Dallas Cowboys ​for a first-round draft pick

The head coach won't have vindicated himself entirely until the pick is used to improve the Raiders' future fortunes in real terms, but for now, it's a positive step.

​Facing the media for the first time since the deal was announced, Coach Chucky hit all the right notes.

It's clear that ​Oakland is entering full-on rebuilding mode, and with the trade came instant speculation that additional established players could be on the move. For his part, the head coach wanted to head all that off at the pass vis-a-vis one player in particular, franchise quarterback Derek Carr.

It's hard to take Gruden 100 percent at his word that zero other players are going to be traded. If front office boss Reggie McKenzie gets an offer he can't refuse for a guy like Gareon Conley, perhaps, it could be open season. 

But for the moment, the coach has done right by calming down the rumor mill around Carr before they have a chance to get out of hand.

All the QB has to do now is figure out how to produce some offense without Cooper and Marshawn Lynch.