​​The Cowboys shockingly made a trade with the Raiders for Amari Cooper over a week before the NFL trade deadline. In the end, ​Dallas offered Oakland a deal they couldn't refuse...in large part because no other team was willing to pay the absurd price of a first-round pick.

But, Jerry Jones is desperate. As is so often the case when Dallas makes an apparent mistake, twitter reacted in kind.

The market has been set, but keep your damn hands off my money.

If only that Khalil Mack guy was on the trading block.

What year is this again? 2003?

When Jon Gruden runs your football operations, you need three chances at hitting paydirt.

This was an incredibly easy phone call for Gruden and co. What was there to even discuss?

Oh, we all have that friend. Just shop at Kohl's, fam.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Don't worry, Gruden, maybe they'll throw in a Toyota Camry.

Valid argument. Shoutout to Jerry for getting out ahead of his own blunders.

Talent is replaceable, right?