Show of hands if you thought Monday afternoon in the NFL would be enlivened ​by ​a Patrick Peterson trade request. And keep 'em up if you fully expected the Raiders ​to deal Amari Cooper -- for a Cowboys' first-round pick​no less.

Yeah, it's been a more exciting day that you probably banked on when you rolled out of bed.

Cooper changing teams isn't such a big surprise, as his exit had been rumored for some time. But to land a first-round pick for his services? That's just a huge return for a guy whose production dropped off noticeably in 2017 following two seasons over 1,000 yards to start his career.

​And it also proves that while the Cowboys are ready to roll the dice in an effort to go big here and now, Raiders head coach Jon Gruden and front office boss Reggie McKenzie have finally proven that they're actually capable of formulating a positive rebuilding vision for the future.

Stocking up on picks is always an enticing proposition. But to be able to do so in advance of the Raiders' high-profile relocation to Las Vegas is deft.

This swap won't make anyone in the Bay Area forget about ​the colossal mismanagement of ​the Khalil Mack drama. Not by a long shot. But it's a decidedly positive step on the road to resurgence -- a road that could very well include more moves ahead of the league's trade deadline.

But just look how the team is setting itself up:

Sure, this franchise could absolutely bungle this first-round pick and find themselves worse for the wear. But for now, Gruden and Co. have got to feel like winners.