​Just about the Los Angeles Dodgers entire pitching staff made an appearance over the final two games of the NLCS, including star pitcher ​Clayton Kershaw, who recorded the final three outs of Game 7, ​clinching the Dodgers' second consecutive World Series appearance. 

However, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts announced Kershaw may be ready to start Game 1 of the World Series despite pitching on short rest in Game 7.

Kershaw and the Dodgers are well aware of the reputation he's earned during the playoffs, turning from dominant to very vulnerable in postseason baseball. While his career ERA in the regular season is just 2.39, his career playoff ERA is 4.09. There's no doubt he wants to prove that he can dominate on the biggest stage. 

​​Despite his playoff struggles, Kershaw has pitched much better lately. However, he's either been very dominant or absolutely pounded this postseason. 

One of the only things Kershaw has yet to achieve in his Hall of Fame career is a World Series title, partially as a result of his past playoff failures. 

The 2018 World Series will either be the time Kershaw and the Dodgers prove they aren't choke artists, or it'll end in more familiar disappointment for the team and their fans. They face a difficult task ahead as they try to slay the dragon that is the Boston Red Sox.