​Purdue shocked the world on Saturday as they absolutely demolished the Ohio State Buckeyes in what very well might be the biggest upset in college football this season. 

The unranked Boilermakers took it to the Buckeyes, scoring nearly 50 points in a 49-20 victory over their second ranked opponent. The move brought OSU to 7-1 and Purdue to 4-3, the former of which should change the landscape of the playoff for the entire nation. 

Naturally, reactions ran wild following the blowout loss suffered by supposedly the second best team in college football, but one former OSU linebacker had an amazingly blunt assessment of his former team.

Andrew Sweat played as a Buckeye from 2008 to 2011, but had to retire from professional football after suffering concussions. The OSU alum didn't hold back as he roasted the Buckeyes' linebackers and offensive linemen as the worst he's seen in a while following their devastating loss to Purdue. Understandably, emotions were running high after the game.

It's highly doubtful that Ohio State is actually as bad as Sweat suggests. They were the No. 2 team in the nation going into the Purdue game. Upsets happen sometimes, Sweat. One bad game doesn't mean the entire team is trash.

Overrated? Yeah, that's possible. But let's not get carried away. The Buckeyes are still probably capable of beating just about everyone when they're right. Unfortunately for them, they just laid an egg that could push them down the leaderboards for good.

Ohio State has a long and difficult road back, but they've got the stuff to do it.