​NBA fans looking for an early season classic got their wish on Saturday night as the Houston Rockets invaded ​Los Angeles to take on the Lakers led by ​LeBron James. The matchup was a shootout, resulting in a 124-115 win by Houston, but we got more than just basketball in thiss one. Things got testy mid-game between the two squads on Saturday, with the main culprits being Rockets' guard Chris Paul and Lakers' guard Rajon Rondo. Watch below as the two go head to head:


Paul started swinging wildly at Rondo after the latter allegedly spit in the former's face. The ensuing moments were absolute chaos, as a brawl emerged, with half the players trying to calm things down and the other half participating themselves.

And what a brawl it was.

​​Of course, both Rondo and Paul (along with Brandon Ingram) were ejected from the game with fines and perhaps suspensions still to come. But hey, that's what the first week of the season if for, right?

At least some toughness has finally returned to the NBA. Hopefully, we get some more glimpses of this rivalry as the season progresses.