​Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma has gained a reputation for his wry sense of humor early in his career. Kuzma's Twitter game, at least early in his career, is one of the better accounts to follow on ​NBA Twitter. 

When a couple businessmen founded the creation of "Titanic II" to set sail 100 years later, the former Utah Ute didn't hold back.

​​While the fact that global warming is slowly destroying our planet is hard to squeeze jokes and laughter out of, Kuzma somehow got it to work.

As opposed to icebergs or boats, a more frequent target of Kuzma's pointed humor is teammate Lonzo Ball. Kuzma has already shown that all's fair when it comes to Twitter. 

After averaging 16.1 points and 6.3 rebounds per game last season, Kuzma figures to take a big step forward on the court in 2018. After a solid performance on opening night in Portland, the arrow keeps pointing up for him. 

​​Kuzma's ​enigmatic personality, Twitter mastery, and mid-range game on the court make him one of the more interesting players on a compelling Los Angeles Lakers team.