In one of the most anticipated ​matchups of the week, Tom Brady and the red-hot ​Patriots ​travel to Soldier Field to take on Khalil Mack and a vaunted Chicago Bears defense. 

There's just one little problem for New England, however. It appears as though half of the offense is listed on the injury report as questionable.

​​So, that's their two best wide receivers, two of their three best tight ends (one of whom is Gronk), and their starting running back. In addition, their right tackle is out against one of the league's best pass rushes.

Since he's been implemented into the New England offense, Josh Gordon has given the Patriots a legit vertical threat. ​Julian Edelman has returned to provide Brady the safety valve he holds so dear. Rob Gronkowski needs no introduction when it comes to his impact on a football field. The biggest loss (if he can't go), however, might be the improving rookie running back Sony Michel.

With an aging quarterback, a solid run game gives more balance to the offense and prevents a 41-year-old arm from making 50+ throws a game. 

If Brady, already down arguably his best offensive lineman, is out several key weapons against Chicago, he could end a lot plays with his butt on the turf thanks to Mack and company.