​The Patriots' defense has had a rough start to the season, but they've begun to make some improvements as the ​NFL season continues. 

LB Dont'a Hightower believes that we still haven't seen the best of the Pats' defense. In fact, his latest comments should fire up New England fans. 

​​The biggest accomplishment so far this season for the Pats' defense? Helping Tom Brady and the offense defeat the Chiefs 43-40. They may have broken the Chiefs' undefeated record, but Patrick Mahomes and company still dropped 40 points on the road against the Pats. 

If they really want us to believe the best is yet to come, they can't let opposing teams drop that many points on them in Foxborough. Granted, Kansas City's offense is perhaps the best in the league, so we'll cut them a little slack. 

​​Fortunately for Pats fans, and unfortunately for the rest of the league, the Patriots' defense is starting to improve in usual midseason fashion. The Pats always seem to find a way to patch up their flaws. 

The ​Patriots will go up against the ​Bears this weekend, and we'll see if Hightower is right about their improvements. If the defense can shape itself up, there's no stopping the Patriots from heading right back to the Super Bowl.