It has been 25 years since NC State and Clemson faced off as ranked teams. The ACC battle has been a bit one-sided. Though NC State is a steadily improving program and has always played hard against the Tigers, Clemson tends to push them to the wayside. 

Wolfpack coach Dave Doeren is tired of this narrative. 

Doeren expressed his intensity prior to the matchup between the teams Saturday. He wants to be aggressive. Maybe a bit too aggressive.

The coach announced that not only does he want the team's defense to sack Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, but he wants to "hit him" and "get him on his back more than he wants to be."

Okay. First of all, word choice is extremely important. While it is okay to want to be vigorous in play, Doeren is coming off as a bit hostile.

Second, I think it's key to keep ferocity under wraps. You don't want to put all of your cards on the table before the casino even opens. It seems that ​Clemson has gotten under NC State's skin, and that's never good to show.

Regardless of Doeren's tactics, the battle between the two should be an amazing outing.​ Both teams are undefeated and look to be powerhouses in the conference

If NC State can "hit" Lawrence, maybe they can finally come out on top.