​When the new Lakers squad was being assembled over the offseason, we scratched our head at the new pickups. With the addition of guys like JaVale McGee, Lance Stephenson, and Rajon Rondo, we wondered how this goofy squad would mesh. Evidently, they're all having a blast together: 

The craziness of ​Stephenson has never been in question from a fan perspective, but it's hilarious to hear it from the mouth of his teammate. 

While Brandon Ingram laughs that his teammates wouldn't listen to Stephenson due to his wacky personality, there's no doubt he brings a unique energy to the L.A. locker room. And with guys like McGee there as well, we're sure we'll be hearing plenty of great stories about the Lakers this season. 

Another notable thing that Ingram states is about LeBron James' presence on the team, as Ingram says he will even speak over the coaching staff. That shouldn't come as much of a surprise to ​NBA fans, as LeBron has been known to be vocal on every squad he plays for. 

The Lakers are a big question mark as they enter the NBA season. ​Will Ingram breakout? Will LeBron continue his dominance? Will the new vets bring good energy to the team? 

We can't wait to have the answers to all our questions.