​Stretch, ​Manny! STRETCH! After hustling into second base on a wild pitch, Manny Machado scampered home when Cody Bellinger battled, scratched, and clawed until he found a pitch to his liking. With the corrosive Yasmani Grandal left on deck, Bellinger got a pitch to hit, and five hours and 15 minutes into this one, hit it he did.

The mob chased Bellinger out to left field, and the Dodgers suddenly seem poised to steal all momentum and advantages back from Milwaukee. Julio Urias gets a spectacular win, while Junior Guerra gets the hardest-fought possible loss.

Two games apiece, Machado goes from villain to heroic villain, and baby-faced Bellinger figures out how to put bat on ball. We still ​have a series.

Clayton Kershaw Wednesday. Who's ready for more narratives?!