​​Manny Machado's going to be the best Yankee ever, isn't he? As if there weren't already enough intrigue in his NLCS appearances this year, Machado's leg lowered the boom in the 10th, showing that ​when he hustles, bad things can also happen.

Villainy Mode fully activated.

We're not sure what got Machado so ticked here--perhaps he's just tired, like many of the rest of us--but this at-bat was a trainwreck from the beginning. He even waved to first base to indicate a check-swing review for himself.

Machado's been confident, brash, and absolutely ridiculous throughout this series, risking the health and safety of others. A rare occurrence where all the hate is directed in one particular area, and it's all justified.​​

​​Manny, what has gotten into you?

​​There's the heart of the matter, though. New York is watching.