We all knew it, but, like...now we know it.

​According to Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports, Duke freshman Zion Williamson asked for monetary compensation, along with housing for him and his family, in exchange for his committment to Kansas. 

News of Williamson's arrangement was heard during a recording between former Adidas employee Merl Code and Kansas assistant/recruiter Kurtis Townsend. During the recording, Townsend was overheard saying, "We're going to have to do it some way," with regards to getting the 5-star recruit to come to the Jayhawks. 

This case comes at the root of a bigger investigation in which the former Adidas rep, Code, currently stands on ​trial for allegedly helping funnel money to families of NCAA recruits. 

This investigation will be monumental towards shaping the NCAA's image moving forward, and we can expect to see a firestorm of repercussions as a result of this investigation. 

Obviously this won't affect Zion's time playing at ​Duke, but it certainly throws his recruitment further into question.