As evidence and claims of illegal recruitment tactics have risen to the surface in the college game this offseason once more, coaches throughout the world's most corrupt sport have jumped to denying any knowledge.

Count legendary Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski among those who are freaking out.

When taped evidence of the University of Kansas and Adidas discussing star Zion Williamson's recruitment was presented, Coach K immediately denied any sort of tampering; after all, the big-bodied star ultimately ended up in Durham. Therefore, many assumed K needed to outspend those in Kansas.

Fact is, ​Williamson ended up at Duke with Coach K. It's pretty simple, really. If there's evidence proving that Williamson wanted incentives to join Kansas and he ultimately ended up with Duke, then incentives had to have been involved, right? 

That's just connecting point A to point B. You don't have to be a detective.

Coach K doubled down on Monday, telling ESPN, "I think [college basketball] is actually pretty clean," Clean? Yeah. Okay, man.

​The whole trial has tainted so many iconic careers, including Williamson's before it's even begun. But who can you blame? If colleges and brands are offering lump sums of money to young kids, and that's the norm, they're going to take it. And if other colleges are offering money to players, you're going to have to offer, too. 

Coach K needs to get better at lying, though. That's for sure.