​It's been a relieving week for Orlando Christian Prep small forward ​Nassir Little, after a recent string of text messages seems to back up his assertions amid a wide-ranging FBI investigation into the illicit side of college basketball recruiting.

A series of texts between Little's former 1-Family basketball coach Brad Augustine and former operative Christian Dawkins showed Dawkins' intentions of bribing and paying Little to funnel him to certain schools, but made it clear Little wouldn't be swayed by such a thing.

It's sad that the hard work of an athlete can easily be diminished through these hurtful tactics, in which case Little and his family were still thrown under the bus after they didn't even accept money. 

Posts from his mother further emphasized their innocence and frustration with this situation that has affected her son. 

​​It's sad to see ​Little's name and integrity get slandered, especially when he is someone that could be declaring for the NBA draft in the not-so-distant future.

Thanks to these text messages, he could walk away unharmed, although it has still cost his family wasted time and energy.