​​Maryland football head coach DJ Durkin could potentially find himself greeted by an angry mob if he's reinstated and rejoins the ​Terrapins in the near future. 

According to reports, there are parents of players who are ready to protest if the school lets Durkin back into its facilities to lead the football team moving forward.

​​After it was revealed Durkin's grueling practices and unethical treatment of players were the possible causes of the death for offensive lineman Jordan McNair, it's no surprise that parents are outraged regarding his potential return. 

Although these players are technically legal adults, parents are still going to be protective because they have every right to. There's no place for Durkin's unnecessary tactics while running his team, and these parents will fight to the bitter end to assure it.

​​Another worrisome report is that the investigation didn't get into contact with the families who left Durkin's program because of his abusive strategies. 

If Durkin comes back to coaching football, it won't be a comfortable "Welcome Home" party for the Terps head coach.