The New England Patriots came out of Week 6 with a victory, but one of their fans won't be feeling quite as great this week about that fact. And rightfully so.

Replays of Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver ​Tyreek Hill scoring a touchdown reveal that the star had a beer thrown in his face by a Patriots fan as he approached the stands. The video made the rounds on the internet, and now the fan is in some deep trouble.

Yes, justice has been served to the 21-year-old who cowardly threw the beer in Hill's face. The young man has been charged with disorderly conduct and throwing an object at a sporting event. He's also banned from Gillette Stadium for life.

Serves him right, too.

Obviously, this kind of behavior is unacceptable at any sporting event and has rightfully been addressed. We'd sure love to see that fan meet Hill outside the stadium and see if he still wants to toss a beer in his face.

Stay classy, Patriots fans.