It's very hard to be great at two things. Michael Jordan is one of the worst owners in the NBA. Wayne Gretzky was a horrible coach. Jason Witten is...well...I'm not sure there are words to describe how bad Jason Witten is at broadcasting.

After weeks of ​truly terrible commentary in the booth, fans hoped that Witten would slowly grow into his role on national TV. He hasn't. In fact, after this latest head-scratcher, he may have hit rock bottom.

It's getting to the point where he's barely even speaking English. "Kick themselves in the foot"? That's not a phrase, Jason. 

And again!

Wait, he did it!


But seriously, and then this!

I mean, come on. One of these incidents alone is acceptable, but it has become routine for Witten to just not make any sense during Monday Night Football. ESPN has to can this guy soon before he gets any worse.

But at least for the moment, Witten is willing to chuckle at himself and take the L.

With the way ​things are going in Oakland, Jon Gruden might be looking to get his old broadcasting job back sooner rather than later. At this point, both sides would probably love a reunion. Yeah, that might be best for everyone.