Just about everybody in the NFL has about had it with Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict. And if you haven't yet, you should. 

Burfict has been terrorizing the league basically his entire career, laying out dirty hits seemingly every other week. Fines and suspensions have followed Burfict incessantly, but they haven't stopped the 28-year-old from playing dirty. The linebacker was back at it on Sunday afternoon against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but this time, his actions will go unpunished.

Burfict sent wide receiver Antonio Brown, and his own safety, Jessie Bates, into the concussion protocol on Sunday after a dirty hit. Apparently, the NFL isn't planning to do anything serious about it, which is an absolute joke.

The NFL will fine and penalize a defender for landing on a quarterback, but won't take action against a repeatedly dirty player that almost caused some potentially serious injuries? Where is the consistency? How do you look at any of Clay Matthews' roughing the passer penalties and give him a flag, while you do nothing for the hit that Burfict laid out?

Well, it's because the league has no idea what it's doing, and quite frankly doesn't care about how they're perceived so long as the money keeps flowing in. The NFL clearly couldn't care less about a guy in Burfict, who clearly has the intention to go out onto the field and hurt someone. No, they'd rather penalize the guys making a form tackle.

Meanwhile, Burfict's play is now not only hurting the other team, but also his own. This guy and his mindset have no place in the NFL. Hopefully, for the safety of those who play the game the right way, the NFL will somehow come to its senses and get Burfict out of the league.