Every year John Calipari faces the highest of expectations at ​Kentucky. Depending on his recruiting class, its generally Final Four or bust for his Wildcats. It seems he's confident in that notion for this year, but he's a bit concerned about it at the same time.

Based on what the head coach saw during the team's four exhibition games in the Bahamas in August, Calipari is worried that his young Cats are already in mid-season form. 

“It did put us ahead more than I want to be," said Calipari. "I don’t want us to look like it’s January in November because you can’t get better."

Why exactly would ​Calipari be complaining about his team being ahead of schedule? Frankly, there is ALWAYS room for improvement and a coach of Calipari's caliber should never say that his team "can't get better." 

The Kentucky Wildcats (five commits), according to ESPN, are ​ranked number two in the nation in recruiting for this season, only behind the Duke Blue Devils (five commits).  

​College basketball is better when Kentucky is a legitimate threat come March and we'll know plenty about the Wildcats (No. 2 in preseason rankings) when they face Duke (No. 4 in preseason rankings) on Nov. 6 in the season opener.